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Horrorfield Cheats – Simple guides for more gold hack

Do you want to get surprised and exciting when playing your games? Want to try something brand new? Then you should not miss Horrorfield – a brand new multi player horror game. The game offers a fascinating experience in addition to scaring your intelligence at every interval. You can choose to join the victims side to fight against the psychiatric patient, or pick the angry butcher role to hunt your victims. No matter which side you pick, you have to own powerful skills and weapons to survival in the game. In case you need help to survive, we share the latest Horrorfield cheats and tips below.

Pick your favor character to start your horror adventure. There are seven types of survivors you can choose from. We have listed them as below:

  • Basketball players – they can run quickly and act fast. It is a best role to escape from the hunting.
  • Doctor – who has ability to heal himself and his/her teammates. Once you get hurt, they can have good help for you.
  • Engineers – they are suitable for fixing something and building generators to block the butchers.
  • Thieves – Just like basketball players, they do have good dexterity. What’s more, they can steal weapons and items from the butchers.
  • A mercenary – Who is a soldier with high fighting skills. You can use it to attack the butchers.
  • Scientists – they have the unique knowledge to develop and upgrade the military equipment. Treat them as the key roles in this game.
  • The police – Similar to mercenary, they are also suitable for fighting.

Make yourself as familiar as possible with the various characters in the game. This is because as you begin to move towards a higher stage, you need to control them like control yourself in order to survive from the hunting. The trick here is practicing more and more in the idle game mode.

Unlock more powerful weapons and equipment. Equipment and weapons play a very important role in this game. No matter you are a butcher or a victim, you need powerful equipment to overwhelm your enemy. Gold is the necessary item to upgrade and unlock the powerful equipment. We can tell you without doubt that many top players are using Horrorfield hack to get gold for them. This is the secret why then can rank so fast in the players’ list. It is no harm to use hacking service to get gold in this game if you use it wisely.

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The best way to take advantage of your upgrade in the game is to wait as long as possible before you can unlock the special skills of any characters. By doing this, your character get more exp after the upgrade. What’s more important, their skills will become more powerful in the end.

That’s all for Horrorfield tips and cheats. If you have discover something new, you can share with us.