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Homo Evolution Cheats – Tips for more crystals Hack

Homo Evolution is an attractive game to most players. The game allows you to experience a whole evolution of human beings. You can create your small world from simple animals to diverse and smart human beings. You have to walk through four ways to shape your human world. Some of them are quite difficult. But don’t worry, that’s the why we are here – provide you the latest Homo Evolution cheats and tips. In order to clear all the dilemma, we suggest you stick to the below guide.

Open the reward boxes. One of the magic items you will unlock in the early days is a reward box. By opening this magic box, you will get several crystals. This is a gift from the game. It will only appear once when you log into this game. There is a timer located in the right corner of the screen when the magic box appear. Since the box appear, the timer will count down every second. If you have not open the box in the limited time, you will lose this reward.

Crystals are the important resource in this game. You need them to help your world finish the evolution. You can get crystals by completing the daily tasks. There are two types of tasks in this game. One is the normal mission which can be done easily. The other is the rare mission. This type of tasks will cost you much time to complete. However, the rewards are appreciable. You should choose the one which suits you best to complete if you have limited time. If you want to earn instant crystals, we advise you make use of Homo Evolution hack. It’s a crystal generator developed by professional players. With its help, you can earn big amount of crystals in a few minutes.

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Know the stages of evolution. Before you merge two objects into one, you should learn about the evolution stage firstly. It will give you a full path of evolution. Also, you will have a full picture of how to create your desired creatures in a short time. We have listed 8 stages as below:


Watch video ads. This is a special project that allows you to get promotions and free gifts in exchange for watching video advertisements. If you don’t want to lose chances to get more resources, you should take part in this promotion. You can watch up to 12 advertisements a day, so use them all.

It’s time to create your own world. Keep in mind the Homo Evolution tips and cheats we listed above, and you will help your world complete the evolution at any time!