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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Cheats – Guides for more gold hack

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a brand new AR mobile game. If you have ever played Pokemon go before, you should be familiar with the control of this new AR game. The difference is that – this time you will become a wizard instead of a Pokemon trainer. When you dive into the game, you will find yourself surrounded by magic. Your mission is work with other wizards and witches, find a solution to keep the magic world’s balance. To help you master the game quickly, we have provided some useful Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats and tips below.

Turn on your GPS function in your mobile devices. If you can’t find your location after entering the game, you may not turn on the GPS function. Go and set it on. Without GPS function turn on, the game will lose its interests at all. After turn on the GPS, you also need to switch GPS accuracy to “low battery power”. This will make your device run longer outside. You can also plug your device into a charger.

Search for high MP (magic point) area. If you have no idea where to find the wizards, you can use the search function implemented in the game to locate the high MP area. Usually, you will expect lots of wizards in the high Mp area. Once you meet them, you can choose your desired way to deal with them – fight against them or work with them. Anyway, its your own choice. For us, we will make the choice depends on our level. If we have higher lever than them, we will fight against them to earn some exp. Otherwise, we will try to work with them.

Suit your character with powerful magic wand. Powerful magic wand will make a fight easier. You can upgrade and purchase powerful wand in the magic shop. But first, you have to own some amount of gold. It is a required currency to buy things in the magic shop. Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack is our favor method to earn gold in this game. You just need to fill some information (such as username and amount of resource), then the tool will give you what you need. It is a quite simple way to get gold in wizard world.

use Harry Potter Wizards Unite mod

Don’t wait for your opponent’s attack signal. When fighting with your opponents, there is no need to wait until their attack complete. Instead, you should focus on the blue flash on both sides of the screen and then dodge left or right to avoid their attacks. Usually, you will have high chance to avoid your opponents’ attack successfully in this way. But this trick does not work in boss fighting.

That’s the whole guide for Harry Potter Wizards Unite game so far. We hope this guide will make your game play easier and help you get the job done quickly.