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Guns of Glory Cheats – Updated guide for more gold hack

In Guns of Glory game, you will fight for your glory and honor with your battle skills. The game will lead you into a new generation strategy war. In order to win the the crown of fate, you need to summon your best army to fight with you. You also need to unite with friends to destroy the enemy completely. Strategy skills are the only factor that determines the outcome of battle. So before you enter the battlefield, be sure to read our updated Guns of Glory cheats and tips.

Take up your enemies’ towers firstly. When you are going to attack your enemy, you should try to take down their tower first. Once you have taken down their tower, the remain enemies will move away from the battlefield. However, you can’t control your army manually to attack the tower until you reach level eight. The good news is that, you can easily reach level 8 by completing the tutorial tasks in the game. Before you attack the tower, you’d better send some troops to investigate the terrain and the enemy’s situation. Based on the investigation, you can calculate how many troops and resources you need to defeat your enemy.

You may want to know how to gold fast in the game. Well, you have to make sure you have completed all the available missions in the game firstly. Once you meet this criteria, you will unlock a hidden mission which will let you collect gold with a yellow basket in five minutes. During this time, you get harvest gold as much as you can. Remember, when you collect gold, you should focus on the big one. Some players may feel it is not possible to complete all the tasks listed in the mission menu. That’s true. If you don’t have a very very powerful army, it is very hard to finish all the missions at the early stage of the game. Use Guns of Glory hack is another option to get fast gold in this game. This cheat has been updated to the latest version now. If you need it, you can try it yourself.

use Guns of Glory mod

Join the multi-player battle mode. In this mode, you will meet many pro-game players. You will also earn much more rewards in this mode after you win the battle. It is also a shortcut to get more resources in the game. This is a path you have to join eventually. So we suggest you join it as soon as possible. No matter what the battle result is, you will eventually learn useful things from it.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Guns of Glory game! If you know something helpful, you can also share with us.