GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE Cheats – Guide for haro chip hack

Good news for all Gundam fans. A gundam titled mobile game called GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE finally come to public. In this game, you will experience a brand new sci-fi animation mechanical action game. You will need to collect necessary part and component to build your own gundam. The goal is to send your completed gundam into battle to fight for honor. The combat system of gundam battle is intuitive and simple. However, to defeat your opponent, you have to create a powerful gundam with the limited resource. Don’t worry, we will show you how to achieve this with GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE cheats and tips.

It is a good idea to keep various weapons into your gundam. During building your gundam, you will have lots of things to consider. We don’t want to list it one by one. We just want to inform you that you should pay attention to the weapons of your gundam. Generally, you can armed your gundam with four weapons maximally. We strongly recommend you mix your weapons with short-range and long range, so that you can handle all the situation in a battle. Besides the attacking weapons, you should keep at least one defense weapon for you gundam. Laser shield is a better choice for most players. It can help you block 80% of your enemies’ fire power. So if you have enough haro chips, be sure to make this shield.

As we mentioned above, you need haro chips to build your gundam. Every player want to earn haro chip as many as they can. But the reality is cruel. You don’t have many options to earn haro chip in this gundam battle game in common way. If you ask us how we earn haro chip in this game, we can tell you that when we are lacking of haro chip to build specific gundam, we will use GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE hack to generate some for us. Once we get enough haro chip, we will buy many desired components immediately. We only run this tool when we can’t earn chip in a urgent situation.


Searching for rare components. Some components can be only obtained in the battle. These rare components will let your gundam jump into the powerful level. Make sure to get them if you can. During you are in a battle, you will see some colorful objects in the arena. Golden object presents the rare element. These objects usually hidden in the crates. The good news is that you will know where the crate is. As the game will give you some hints by pointing the direction with a red arrow, if the crate is available. Sometimes, you have to walk around several times to discover that object. Don’t give up when you find nothing in the first round.

Building a powerful gundam and send it to fight is a huge challenge for many players. But with the help of this GUNDAM BATTLE guide, we are sure that you will pass through all the difficulties eventually.