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Golden Boot 2019 Cheats – Easy tips for more gems hack

Good news for Golden Boot players – the game has come to a new season in 2019 now. The brand new Golden Boot 2019 now is available for download to play. This game is perfect to kill your time and make you feel relax. As usual, you can use different kick skills to start the game. Building a dream team becomes more and more difficult in this new version. You have to try different types of players to find your best teammate in the championship league. The game contains more depth and hidden function than before. But, don’t worry. We have shared you Golden Boot 2019 cheats and tips to help you become the kick stars in the game.

Just keep shooting the ball smoothly and accurately. Your goal is very simple in this game – shoot the ball right into the gate. Shooting is your only responsibilities on the court. This means that you should make sure that your kicking is as accurate as possible. Aim your target carefully, find the best landing point of your ball then kick it with your full power – that’s all we do in this game. Most of the time, this trick works very well, especially when you are facing with low level gate keeper. Speed and precision are not a perfect combination of shooting, but you still need to move fairly fast, especially when there is a defender near your ball.

Try to unlock more different balls in the game. There are more than four types of balls (such as ‘Gambler’ and ‘Sniper’ ) in this game. Each type of ball has its own unique ability which will help you release more powerful shooting in the game. Let’s take ‘Gambler’ ball for example. This type of ball will give you extra 200 points after you hit the goal. However, you will lose 200 points if you miss your target. Gems are the necessary items to unlock more balls. You can get gems by daily login in a certain period. Using Golden Boot 2019 hack to earn gems is the most convenient way so far. It has been widely used by all ages players in the game. You can try it yourself.

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Adjust you shooting road according to the real situation. When you aim at your goal, the most obvious target is the positions that are not blocked by the goalkeeper. If you control a left or right forward, you may need to adjust your shooting angle by pointing the arrow at 30 degrees. Most of the time, you have to fire from a long distance. What you do is try to overwhelm the goalkeeper with your fake actions.

Finally, we hope you can master all the kick skills in our guide to conquer your opponent in this game.