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Girl X Battle 2 is a game which combines tactical and RPG elements together. It aims at provide players a relax playing environment, let them enjoy hundreds of animation girls’ battle. In the game, you need to deploy your fighting girls into PVP battles to fight for rewards. Collect and unlock more girls, learn how to harness their power to defeat the evil creatures. The road ahead of your girls is full of challenge. You need to be prepared for anything that might happen. If you want to be the top player, you should read our Girls X Battle 2 cheats and tips carefully.

Study on each girl carefully. The game provides you more than thirty girls to choose to be your partner. Each girl has its own background story, you need to be familiar with her habit and interested things, so that you can make her touched and join your team. After she join your team, you also need to study how she fight and how to release her full power skills in the fighting. Your relationship between the girl plays a very important factor during battle. If you are in the good relationship, the girl’s potential will be inspired, they will become more powerful in each fighting. Otherwise, they will perform badly during the battle.

How to maintain your relationship with your fighting girls well is the key to win each battle. Well, the game allows player to date with their fighting girls and play with them in the entertainment places. This is a good way to get better relationship with your fighting girls. Plus, you can give them loving clothes and sweaty candy to attract their attention. In all, you have to do more activities with them to fascinate your girl.

Getting more diamonds is the only way to unlock more fighting girls. Generally, you don’t have too much options to earn diamonds in the game. Rich players will buy diamonds with real money to enhance their girls and get new fighting girls. Pro-players will ask Girls X Battle 2 hack for help when earning diamonds. They always think that using hack tool to get diamonds is the most reliable method so far. Which way you should use depends on yours own situation. The choice is always yours.

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Take of advantage of ‘hand-free’ system. One of the awesome feature of the game is that you can let the system finish the fighting after your deploy your fighting girls. This is very important to the players who want to craft rare items and earn more resources in the game. Because the system will automatically complete the job which you set to do even you are offline.

It’s time to become the top player in the campus! Make sure you follow our guide, this will help you prepare well for the final battle between you and your opponents.