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Gears POP – a multi players battles mobile game which is developed by Microsoft. In this game, you will experience a unique real-time combat model – which make the game more easy to control. The game’s characters are all from Funko Pop! You may be familiar with them very much. Microsoft has promised to bring an excellent game play experience to mobile scenes, allowing you to assemble gear characters to fight a PVP battle. You will have chances to collect all the characters to fight with you. But how do you build your best gear team? Our Gears POP cheats and tips will give your the answers.

Check your gear character’s stats. It is a good habit to take a look at your character’s stats before enter arena. You just need to click on the character’s icon, then you will enter into the stat detail page. There, you will know everything about your character (such as strength and health). You need to focus on the number display on the power bar. It shows that how strong your character is. The higher number of power bar, the more stronger of your gear character is.

Don’t be upset with your weak gear characters. You can’t promise to get a strong character at the beginning of the game. Once you found your character is not strong as you expect, you don’t need to lose hope, just keep improving it. Deploy it to more battle fights so that it can earn more exp to level up. When your character reach level three, you’d better consider to upgrade it in the game store. During the upgrading, you will need crystals to help you. Crystal is an important currency. It can help you improve your character’s ability and unlock stronger gear characters. There is a hacking service in the gaming market called Gears POP Hack – which is a crystal generator for this game. If you want instant crystals, you can make use of it.

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Make sure there is a support type role character in your gear team. When building a gear team, not just consider the strength factor. You have to bring support characters into your team. It will help you when your team members are injured. You know what I mean – at least deploy one health healer character in your fighting team. As a result, your gear team will become more stronger and unbeatable.

At last, we hope you try more strategies in this game based on our guide. May be you will find the best tactic some day.