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Fury Survivor Pixel Z is a zombie theme mobile game. In this game, you play as a survivor from the virus attack. You mission is looking for your families and save them from the zombie city. There are many similar zombie games in the market. But this game stands out of them, there should be some selling point of this simple game. In my opinion, one reason should be it’s a very addictive and interesting game with a simple learning curve. In this post, we will guide you survive more longer in this apocalypse world with our Fury Survivor Pixel Z cheats and tips.

Kill zombies when they are gathered. One of the fast way to kill lots of zombies is shoot them when they are gathered. If you find them split in every corner of the map, you should try to make them stay together. What we usually do is that we walk straightforward to the zombies, then stop in front of them, then lead them to the center place to gather up. Just remember walk as close as you can to the zombies. Once you make them gather in the center place, you should start shooting them as fast as you can. So that you will kill them all within a few minutes.

Improve your weapons’ power. Through you only get shot gun as your first weapon at the beginning of the game, you can buy more powerful guns when you have more gold (premium currency). You can also upgrade your current gun instead of buying a new one. Just make sure you have powerful weapon in your hands. Gold can be obtained by completing daily tasks. The more tasks you finish, the more gold you get in the end. What’s better, you can make use of Fury Survivor Pixel Z hack to generate instant gold to your account if you want to. So it should be no problem for many players to earn enough gold in the game.

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Pay more attention when switching weapons. You can switch guns from one to another at any time. But you should know that you guns will be empty with ammo when you switching it back. For example, your primary weapon is shotgun, then you switch it to a knife, after some time, you switch the knife with shotgun again. At this time, there is no ammo in your shotgun. – This is what you need to notice.

At last, we are sure that this guide will help you kill all the zombies and save your families with ease. Thanks for your reading!