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If you want to play hero shooter mobile game, then you should try FRAG Pro Shooter. The game is globally launched in March. You will experience a totally real-time team duel. The game does promise tons of weapons, new shooting capabilities, and many new devices, such as armor and backpacks. You will be able to join million players’ challenge to claim your victory and glory. Once you have mastered the skills of FPS, you will find the game play is fun and excited. Of course you have to spend time on training your shooting skill. Here are the tips and cheats of FRAG Pro Shooter game.

Make use of automatic lock system. To help players be used to the game quickly, the game has a function which is called automatic lock target. This means that as long as there is an enemy near your cross, he or she will be locked in your target system for three seconds. You can take down your enemy during these time. But keep in mind that, once the time runs out, your enemy will disappear from the target zone. It’s important to learn how to shoot. If you can’t shoot your right target, the auto-lock system is useless. Our suggestion is that you shouldn’t shoot in the same direction for too long. This will expose your location to your enemy easily.

Get involved in powerful weapons upgrading. Your weapons decide your whole battle. Powerful weapon will make you easily take down the battle. For example, with sniper rifles, you can easily kill your enemy without notice from a long distance. Diamonds are the currency you need to buy your powerful weapons in the game. You can get them by opening trophy box. But only the high-end booty boxes contains diamonds. Ordinary boxes usually contain general equipment. Unfortunately, you can only open high-end box once a week. So if you need fast and lots of diamonds, we recommend you try FRAG Pro Shooter hack. It is a easy and safe cheat engine to provide users lots of resource in the internet.

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Combine more shooting skills in one battle. Sometimes, it is not easy to kill your enemy with only one shooting way. Because, once your shooting skill is used for many times, it will be predicted easily by your opponents. So we advise you mix up many shooting skills in your fighting. For example, it’s always a good idea to mix sweeping with jumping. This can help to make your movements more stable and less predictable by your enemy.

These are all our FRAG Pro Shooter cheats and tips. If you have other tricks about shooting skills, don’t by shy to share with us.