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Factory Inc is a moneymaking simulation mobile game which is developed by Cheetah Technology Corporation. In this game, you are a owner of factory. You goal is to let your factory produce all kinds of products (including smart phone, cars, etc.) to make profit. Building large number of workstations is the key to make money fast in this game. You also need to upgrade your machines and workshop to further increase the amount of cash you can earn. To help your business running smoothly and gain maximum profits, we share the latest Factory Inc cheats and tips for your reference.

Use proper materials to produce high quality products. When you jump into product producing, don’t rush to kick on your working machine. Check the product you want to make first. This check should includes sales information and produce materials. You don’t want to produce a product which can not be sell out. At the same time, you also desire to use the cheapest material to produce the best product – this requires you do some study on your materials. It will cost you some time. But you will eventually find it worth to do so. For example, when you produce smart phones in your factory, you can choose the normal screen material and low price shell. By doing this, you will make a smart phone under $100. Then you ca make more profits from each phone.

Your goal is to make more money as possible as you can. So you have to make sure every workstation work perfectly for its task – produce high-profit products as more as possible in a short time. Thus, you need to upgrade them to the maximum level to pull out all the producing power. Diamonds are the necessary currency to finish the upgrade. If you are hunger for instant diamonds, you can make use of Factory Inc hack. Many top players have use it to earn lots of diamonds to their account. It works perfectly in all platforms so far.

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Unlock more workstations. To expand your business, you also need to make plans to unlock more new workstations for your factory. The cost of each new workstation may gradually increase based on your factory’s level. Generally, the higher level of your factory is, the more diamonds you need to spend on opening new workstation. We recommend you keep diamonds for this usage instead of others.

This is the whole Factory Inc. game guide. If you want to share your tricks, just hit us emails. Have a good playing!