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F1 Manager Cheats – Easy guides for more cash hack

If you want to try some racing manager games, you should take a look at F1 Manager. It is a game based on formula 1. You will be able to create your best team to take part in various racing league. In the racing match, you have to take control of the overall situation, know every details of your racer, make great strategy for them in order to rank top in the F1 league. You may meet various of difficulty when playing this game, but don’t worry. We will share our F1 Manager cheats and tips to help you get through each racing league.

Try to complete more challenging racing. There is a mission system in this game. It will rate your performance based on your racing score. Then you will get accordingly rewards based on your rating. The more racing challenge you complete, the more experience and rewards you will gain. For example, if you perform some simple racing tasks, you can win five bucks and 200 exp points. If you don’t feel confident to challenge the difficult racing, try more simple missions – you will get enough exp in the end. We also suggest every player try to review the challenges before attempting to accomplish them, so that you can have a good understanding of what needs to be done.

Build more customizing racing cars. You need powerful cars to help you win the champion league. Before building a car, you have to collect necessary components. You can get some of them after winning a certain challenge. However, most of the time, you need to buy the components in the racing market. Especially the unique components, you can only get them with purchasing. Talking to racing market, you need lots of cash to buy what you want there. If you want a fast way to obtain cash, you should try F1 Manager hack. Many players are using it right now to help their cash harvesting in the game.

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Sometimes, you need to improve your existing cars by installing powerful components. These components are totally different from the ones which are used to build a new car. They can only help to improve your current cars. When installing these components, it’s important to take consider the energy cost – if you have a component which will cost you much energy, though, it can improve your cars a lot, you should avoid it. Because your car will not last long after installing this component. Just keep the balance between energy and power. Don’t over optimize your cars!

That’s the whole guide for F1 Manager game. If you want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.