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Evertale Cheats – Simple guides for more soul stone hack

Do you want to capture and evolve monsters? If your answer is yes, then you should try Evertale mobile game. This game is inspired by pocket monster animation. You can find more than 150 types of monsters, from ordinary to the most rare and powerful. Capture them, train them and put them into battles to fight for you. Your mission is to save the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. You may want to know how to unlock rare monsters and power-ups, how to domain the game with high-speed, So, we share you our Evertale cheats and tips below.

In this game, the first thing you have to learn is the importance of the monster types. There are total three class of monsters, they are fire, water and wood. Water beat fire, fire beat wood and wood beat water. They are linked to each other. So, if you are facing a wood class monster, you should send fire class to battle with it. This will give your enemy most damage. If you don’t have fire class monster, then you can only send wood class to handle your enemy. Don’t use water class monster to battle with wood class!

How to get more monsters? When you cross 6 diverse regions of Erden world, you will encounter different monsters. To capture them, you have to own powerful monster balls. The more powerful of your balls, the stronger monster you can catch. Monster balls can be only purchase with soul stones. They are the premium items in the game. Players can get soul stones by completing lots of tasks. Don’t forget to complete the hidden tasks located in chapter three. Because you will get 200% clear rewards in each task. If you complete all of them, you should get lots of soul stones without doubt. Another easy method to obtain stone is use latest Evertale hack. It is a simple cheat engine to help players get specific items in the game.

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Designate your favorite monster as a leader. When you take part in the PVP battles with other players, you’d better designate a leader for your team. As a team leader, your monster will have more powerful special skills which not appear in the normal battle. They are only exists in the leader monster. These leadership skills can provide a good impetus for your team. The stronger your monster original is, the more powerful its leader skills are. So we suggest you designate the most strong monster as your team leader.

This is our full guide for Evertale game. If you have other tips want to share with us, you can contact us via email. Thanks for reading.