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Era of Legends is a game which tells a story about swords and magic. The developer call it next generation MMORPG. It features excellent visual effects, provides a fairly detailed model of characters and monsters. You will see a beautiful fighting environment when you enter into the game. The solid sound effect makes the battles more epic and more real. If you are playing this game now, you may need some Era of Legends cheats and tips to help you get better equipment and how to upgrade fast. If so, just check our details below.

Play with automatic mode as long as you can. At the first stage of the game, there will be some annoying maps you need to play with. If you battle with manual mode in these maps, you will feel tired and disappoint. Because these maps only contain similar enemies who you need to fight against. Same attack patents, same attack skills. These enemies are born for your character’s upgrade. So you need to use a fast and less tired way to complete these fighting. Auto-play is the best choice for you in this situation. While playing in this mode, you can do other things in the game (such as chatting with your friends).

Receive daily rewards. The game has many different rewards each day. To not miss any reward., you’d better check all reward menus after you log into the game every day. One of the most precious gift is stone. It is the key resource to conquer the game within short time. You can only get little amount of stone using this way. If you want more stones, you have to purchase them with real money or using Era of Legends hack. The hacking method has been spread all over the community these days. So, it should be OK to use it to generate stone into your game account.

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Participate in the special event called ‘stone instantly’. Once you reach level 130, you will unlock a new special event called stone instantly. After you complete this event successfully, you will get 10,0000 stones to your account. This is a huge amount of stones for all players. However, you must prepare yourself well to kick off this event. There are more strong monsters in this area. The boss in this event is very very hard to beat. So many players fail in the boss fight in this event. High returns always comes with high risk.

Thanks for reading our Era of Legends guide. We hop you all have a happy adventure in this game play.