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Empires and Puzzles is a mobile game mixed with RPG and puzzle elements. It is not like many other games we’ve seen in the past few years. You have more opportunities to work with other real players, collect cards, and win exciting rewards. Social functionality is the biggest selling point of the game, which also make it stand out of the similar game. The game has an enhanced system where you can upgrade your cards and train your skills. Read our Empires and Puzzles cheats and tips below, you’ll learn all the information which help you succeed in this game.

Collect more cards as soon as you can. Cards play an important role in this game. You need to collect both character cards and ability cards to make sure you win in fighting. They are also the required items to move forward in the game. Each card has its own unique attributes. You need spend time on studying their skills and stats. You final goal is the to upgrade all the attributes to the max level as long as you can. Usually, you will have little resource at the beginning of the game. So you should focus on main card upgrading firstly.

Gems are the premium currency in this game. You need them to upgrade your character cards and skill cards. Once you complete the certain stage or clear a certain level puzzle, the game will give you random amount of gems as a gift. To most players, this is not enough. What they want is to get gems as fast as possible and as many as then can. Using Empires and Puzzles hack 2019 is the first choice for you in this situation. This cheat features anti ban function which will secure your data during the hacking process.

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Choose a suitable alliance to join. It is very hard to defeat your enemy at the later game. Joining a suitable alliance or create your own club is a good idea to conquer the game. However, we don’t suggest new players to create their own fighting club. That’s too much cost for them. You’d better start to join a suitable alliance instead. Once you are a member of alliance, you can communicate with your teammates and plan ahead for the next battle. You can also exchange your cards with your club members.

These are the latest tips and cheats for Empires and Puzzles game. We hope you enjoy this guide.