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Durango Wild Lands Cheats – Guide for more Durango Coins hack

Durango Wild Lands – an expected dinosaur MMO game. If you remember, you should know it is nominated the best mobile game in E3 last year. You are able to explore a large and complex dinosaur world in this game. You will meet lots of mysterious dinosaur while playing this game. You can capture them, train them to fight for you. To survival in this wild land, you need to find and collect the modern and local resources around you, work with your clan members to conquer other tribes. So be sure to check our latest Durango Wild Lands cheats and tips before you start your jurassic adventure.

Create your first checking station. A station can give you shelter and cover place when you need it. However, we build a station is mainly to help us fight against dinosaur here. One thing you should always have in your station is a sniper point. You are not possible take down a dinosaur with straightforward attack. You must fight against them from a long distance attack. That’s why you need a sniper point. Focus on looking for the highest location when building a sniper point. In addition, you should place more traps around your station. Once the attack begins, you will get lots of help from them.

Equip the best weapons in your characters. Heave weapons are good at fighting with giant enemy. On the other hand, light weapons are perfect in close-range attack. To get the both strong types weapons, you need to go to game store to buy them with durango coins (premium currency). The more durango coins you have, the more weapons you can purchase. What’s more important, you can shorten your waiting period during skill upgrading with coins. To get enough durango coins, you need the help of Durango Wild Lands hack. It’s a legit cheat engine developed by Durango fans. Just don’t abuse it when using this tool.

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Always check you energy point. Once you energy runs out, your jurassic adventure will be over at the same time. Try to master some simple recipes on the grill so that you can cook in any gasoline barrel you find. It’s a good idea to bring enough energy drink into your backpack before each exploration. Once you find your energy in decreasing, you should immediately fill it up with energy drinks or food.

This is the whole guide of Durango Wild Lands game. We hope you can learn useful thing to help you survive longer in this jurassic adventure. Thanks for your reading.