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Diner DASH Adventures Cheats – Guide for more gems hack

Diner DASH Adventures is a cooking theme related mobile game. If you have ever play some cooking games before, you should be familiar with their control. In this new adventure, you will help to rebuild and renovate the diner town, make it prosperous again. Mainly, you will sell your cooking products to make money in this game. Earning money will allow you to buy everything you need to repair the dish town and dining car. There may be some difficulties bother you when you start your adventure. Fortunately, we’ve provided you Diner DASH Adventures cheats and tips to help you get through them.

Collect stars to renovate your diner. Before serving your customers, you have to repair and renovate your diner firstly. In this diner building part, it’s very similar to other city building game. The control is also simple. You just need to tap the proper part of the diner into the red area, then the system will rebuild it for you. To get your favorite component, you have to use stars to exchange them. Of course, you can renovate the diner whatever you want.

Serve the customers as soon as you can. Once your diner is completed, you can use it to serve your customers. During serving your customers, you must remember – serve quickly as soon as possible. Most of the customers in this game are inpatient. Just a little delay will make them feel unhappy. So you have to make your cooking faster and faster. You can do this by clicking the cooking machine quickly. The trick is – put your phone on the table, then click it with your two hands. This will double your speed.

Don’t listen to the game’s upgrade recommendation. Sometimes, the game will alert you to upgrade your cooking facility. Don’t listen to it all the time. Most of time, it just give you some wrong direction. You’d better make upgrade manually with your own decision. You need gems to do all the upgrades. Basically, you will need around 1000 gems to improve your cooking facility’s performance when you are under level 20. Above that, you will need more gems. We usually use Diner DASH Adventures hack to harvest gems for us. It is a simple generator. It has been proved to worked for many platforms. You can try it yourself if you need instant gems.

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The interesting part of this game is that you can even level up your customers. It is a fresh idea. We have not heard that before in other games. It just something like upgrade your enemies’ level – this sounds crazy for us. Anyway, you just need to know you will get bonus from this action. Once your customers are leveled up, you will get some rewards as return.

This is the whole Diner DASH Adventures game play guide. We hope you share your thoughts with us. Thanks for your reading.