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Defender Z is an action-intensive and zombie-themed mobile game. You need to fight against countless zombies to save the city from destroy. You can choose a variety of weapons to help you eliminate the zombies in the game. Which weapon you can choose depends on your gaming level. To be honest, there aren’t many choices for all kinds of plots in zombie games, but in any case, you have to kill them all as soon as possible. To help you become a real zombie killer, we provide the latest Defender Z cheats and tips below for your reference.

Collect more ammunition boxes as you can. The game initially looks relaxed, but once you reach certain level, zombies will begin to emerge from every part of the city. You have to make sure you have enough ammo to deal with them. Collecting more ammo at the beginning of the game become more helpful in this part. These ammunition boxes are scattered at all levels to supplement your weapons. You should remember their position once you found them or just pick them once you see them. However, as your bag has limited amount of carrier, you can not put all the ammo into your bag at the same time. You should remember their location and come back later to harvest them.

Pick the right weapon for your zombie killings. The game provides you with a fairly good arsenal, and you can choose two of them as primary and secondary weapons. Each weapon has its own unique stats such as (damage rate, loading speed). These data are scalable. Once you found you can’t kill zombies as easy as before using the same weapon, you should consider to upgrade your weapons. Crystals are the premium currency in the game. They play very important part in the upgrading process. In order to have a powerful weapon, you need to prepare crystals as many as you can. Defender Z hack is a tool which can help you get lots of crystals in a few minutes. If you have no idea on how to get more crystals, we recommend you try this hacking service.

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Use traps wisely. We all want to kill lots of zombies with one shot. This is possible if you use traps wisely when dealing with large amount of zombies. Find the red shiny bucket (they are explosive), lure zombies close to those buckets and shoot them. By doing this, you will kill all the zombies in one bullet.

That’s all tips and cheats for Defender Z game! We hope this guide will help you a lot in playing Defender Z.