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Decurse Cheats – Simple guide for more gems hack

Decurse is a magical farming game which will bring you to an amazing journey in magical Flash Island. During this adventure, you will meet many interesting things and fantasy people. Your goal is to help the villagers recover their happiness. You can collect magic to undo curses, make food and beverages, trade and sell goods, etc. You will encounter more difficult tasks come from the cursed island. What you do is try your best to break the curse and learn farming skills quickly. Our Decurse cheats and tips will help you walk through the difficulty. Just read it before you start the game.

You need more magic. Magic is the key to cure curse and make things normal and better. If you don’t have much magic to get things started, you will find the game very hard. So you’d better master magic as soon as you can and as much as possible. First go to Magic house to check which magic you need to learn. Our suggestion is that pick the transform magic as your first lesson. It can help you transfer everything into your desired part. You also need to spend energy in increase your magic limit. To achieve this, you need to find all the magic components in the house, then merge them together. Once they become one whole object, your magic limit will increase accordingly.

Focus on building more miracle structures. Miracle structures can help you gain more magic. When you enough gems in your hands, you should make plans to build more these structures. They are very helpful to expand your magic level. They can only be unlocked by gems (premium currency in the game). Getting gems is not easy to every one, especially the new players, they will find it hard to earn enough gems to help their gaming progress. Don’t worry, there is a good solution to get more free gems in this game – use Decurse hack. It is a modified cheat engine which is designed to help generating resource in this game.

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Trade your goods when necessary. You can buy and sell your goods in the market when you reach level five. The exchange mechanism is very like other simulation game – you get what you want from other players, in the meantime, other players will get what they need from you. But you need to remember that the price in the exchange process is fixed. Once you set your price, you can’t make change any longer.

That’s all our Decurse guide, if you have found other helpful tricks, you can share with us.