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Good news to all Construction Simulator fans. You can play Construction Simulator 3 on your mobile devices now. Many new features have been add to the new series. You can do more construction in a large map now. You need to apply more working engineering concepts to create strong constructions (such as bridge and buildings). There are more than 50 vehicles waiting for your command. Of course, you have to unlock them before use them. Our latest Construction Simulator 3 cheats and tips will help you go through some important tricks in the game. So that you can start your construction career quickly.

Do finish the game tutorial. Construction Simulator 3 gives a good explanation of how the construction works. Make sure you listen to the game and take the time to really understand its meaning. Every detail in the tutorial will help you proceed the game play smoothly. If you can’t remember, you should take notes with them. Understand the relationship between objects is the core of succeeding in this game.

Evey construction needs a test. Once you complete a project, you have to make sure it works and pass the quality check. You can simply do this by clicking on the test button located in the right screen. If you don’t pass the test, you have to adjust and repair your construction based on the test result. Usually you need to redo the testing three times to make sure your project work perfectly.

Unlock more vehicles to help your big contracts. After you have play the game for a while, you will receive some big projects (such as build a large bridge). These contracts usually cost you big investment and energy. That means you need to put more powerful vehicles into the project building. Based on the game’s design, you have to use coins to unlock and buy new vehicles. Without coins, you will not succeed in the big project. Many players are using Construction Simulator 3 hack to get coins to their account now. If you don’t want to stand behind of them, you should try it yourself as soon as possible.

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When building bridges, you should always check the loading force. You should know that bridges are usually used by multiple cars and people. It makes sense for you to build a bridge considering with the loading force. During the loading force testing, you should let multiple cars and people go through your bridge. Only by doing this, you will get the correct result of your bridge building.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you complete all the construction contracts in a safe and secure way.