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Citytopia is brand new city building simulation game. If you’re a city enthusiast who creates and manages city games, you’ll be fascinated by the hundreds of structures you can build in Citytopia. Your main task is develop your own city. This sounds simple, but the challenges ahead will grow with the development of cities. You may need a easy and quick guide to help you start your city building journey. So here we are – to share you the latest Citytopia cheats and tips.

Make a choice between upgrading your current building and create a new one. Once your city is big enough to accommodate all kinds of buildings, deciding how your city go on become the most difficult thing to most players. You can upgrade your existing buildings to the max level. Also you can create a new building in your city. That depends on your resources in your hands. Usually, creating a new building requires more lands and more money. So if you have limited resource, you had better choose to upgrade your current buildings.

Get more resources to expand your city. The most challenge problem when playing this game should be how to get more resources fast. As mentioned above, you need cash and coins to build and upgrade your buildings. You need money to buy more land to enlarge your city. The most common way to get fast coins and cash is purchasing them with real money. When buying the resource packs, we advise you buy the big one. Because you will more discount on it. However, if you don’t want to spend real money on them, you can try Citytopia hack. It’s a cheat engine for resource collection.

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View you city layout with magnifier. As your city becomes bigger and bigger, it is very difficult to find out the space for new buildings and the roads connecting all the buildings. Especially, when your city becomes crowded enough. In this condition, you should click the top left tool bars. Once you enter into the detail page, find the magnifier and use it. Put the magnifier on the items you want to see, then the full details will display on your main screen.

Finally, we hope this guide will speed up your city building progress in Citytopia game. If you find something very useful which we have not mentioned in this cheats, please do contact us.