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If you are fans of Call of Duty games, then you must be happy to heard that Call of Duty Mobile will launch in iOS and Android platforms. This game is a very deep game and it has been popular for years on other platforms. The mobile version will let you inherit weapons and equipment from your game account in other platforms. You will fight across multiplayer game map with your teammates. It’s hard to resist beating more experienced opponents in many maps. So we give you Call of Duty Mobile cheats and tips to help you make fast progress in the higher stages of the game.

Always check the map. You know you are fighting in a big and complex area every time. If you lost in the game, you will fail eventually. The game has provided a mini map to help you identify your location. You just need to click on the map icon located in the right menu. Then it will show you important information about the state of the game. You can judge whether your teammate is fighting based on the the information. Of you can figure out where exactly your enemies are hiding. You just need to pay attention to the red mark icons (which means dangerous area in this game). Once you find them, stay away from them as long as you can.

Focus on weapons upgrade. One of the important factors to determine the whole battle is your weapons’ power. Without powerful weapons, you will not survive more than ten battles in this game. We recommend you upgrade your weapons as soon as you can. You will need COD Points to complete the upgrade process. Generally, each weapon has ten upgrade slots. You will need totally 1000 points to make your weapon into the maximum level. If you don’t have Call of Duty Mobile hack, you will find that earning COD Points is a painful process. One true things is that many experienced players are making use of this hacking service to get points to their accounts. You can do that too if you want to.

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Check your ammunition. Always remember to check your weapon’s ammunition. You don’t want to run out of ammunition when dealing with your enemies. Reloading takes time to complete. So when you are desired to reload your weapons, you’d better find cover. To each player, cover is very helpful. It allows you to wait for skill cool down or reload without undue additional damage. So it is a good habit to search the map to find the best cover for yourself.

This post wraps up our whole Call of Duty Mobile game play guide. Hope you find useful information from it. Thanks for your time.