BTS WORLD Cheats – Guides for more gems hack

Have you dream of become become the manager of BTS superstar? Now you have chance to make this dream come true. A new mobile game called BTS WORLD has pop up in iOS and Android platforms. The game will allow you to manage everything about BTS members. Of course, this is a story before BTS members become popular. Your goal is simple – help BTS members become the world class superstars. If you find yourself struggling through the game play, you can check our BTS WORLD cheats and tips, it will give you a good start.

Pick one member to start your story. There are total seven members in this game. So there will be total seven stories you can enjoy. Remember, you can’t play more than two members’ stories at the same time. Basically, the game control is very simple. You can interact with your characters via text and video calls. To complete a whole story of one BTS member, you have to collect all the cards of this members. Some cards can be obtained by complete certain request in the task list. Some of them can be only purchased in the game store. We suggest you collect all the mission cards firstly. When you have enough gems you can get the other cards in the game store.

Collect more members cards with gems. Without enough member cards, your game play progress will stuck in some point. As mentioned above, you can get cards by completing certain request and buy them with gems. Gems are not hard to earn, but it is difficult to get instant gems. Some players may ask ‘Why do I need instant gems?’ The truth is when you have instant gems, you can get all the required cards earlier. So that you can complete the story faster than other players. There is a working BTS WORLD hack in the internet. This tool will help players get instant access to gems. If you want it, you can try it on your devices.

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Once you get a member card, be sure to activate it by clicking its icon. When the icon’s color turn into yellow, then you can prepare for the next card. Sometimes, you will get duplicate cards, especially the easy obtained ones. You can remove it from your collection. Keep in mind that you need a total different cards to fill up your card slots.

This BTS WORLD guide has summarized some useful tips, you apply them to your game play to help you achieve better gaming result.