BOWMAX Cheats – Guides for more diamonds hack

BOWMAX is a 3vs3 multiplayer shooting game. You can show you unique shooting skills to all the players around the world. Aim at the screen, lock your target then release your shooting – that’s it. It’s a simple control action game. The game features global rankings which allow you to challenge the players from all over the world. If you want to rank high in the top list, you should know about how to fight effectively in this gun battle. That’s why we share you with the latest BOWMAX cheats and tips.

Prepare your bow and aim your target. When you explore the game, you will find the fighting system is very simple – aim, lock, shoot. You just need to prepare your bow before going into arena. It’s easily to check your bow’s stats through weapon menu. Once you are enter into there, it will show you the basic information for your selected weapons (such as power point and attack range). We suggest you remember the attack range only. Because it plays a very important role in your fighting. You don’t want to waste your shooting in the enemy which you can’t reach.

Once you aim at the enemy, you should shoot them without hesitate. If you have powerful weapons in your hands (such as C4-Bow), then you should throw it immediately in to your target. It will be difficult for your enemy to survive in such attack. Explosive bow can be lethal, and we recommend that you maximize the explosive potential by throwing them directly at their cars or feet. By doing this, you will make serious damage to your enemy. However, it is not easy to get such powerful weapons if you don’t have enough diamonds.

Getting big amount of diamonds within a short time is a painful thing to most players. Because the game only have few options to earn diamonds. They are time consuming job to all the players. If you find a working BOWMAX hack to help you finish this job, that should be awesome. Some players have discover such hacking service in the net. If you want to test it, you can visit it here. However, we can’t make sure it will last forever, it may be patched by the developer some day.

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If you have limited diamonds, we advise you open gift box to get new equipment. After all, everyone likes gifts. Who would reject a gift that greatly improves your chances of survival in the game? You just need to remember that you only have one chance to open the gift box in a day. Repeat opening will hurt your game account.

This guide summarizes our important tricks for BOWMAX game, we sincerely hope that you can deep into this guide to discover more helpful information to help you destroy your enemy.