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BnB M Cheats – 3 Minutes guide for more diamonds hack

BnB M is a fantasy balloon mobile game which will make you happy with your friends in the crazy playground. The game features many game modes. This will make you feel more challenge and not boring in the game. The developers claim that the game’s control is easier and simpler than other similar games, but ultimately, only a few player can master the game. You can collect up to 30 special skills to improve your game performance. To help you get them quickly, we share you BnB M cheats and tips.

Go to normal competition firstly. As you know, there are many game modes in the game. Which one you should pick to start is really matters. The good starts should be the normal competition mode. In there, you can practice your strategy and be familiar with your skills. This mode requires 2v2 competition. So you have to pick one partner to fight with you. You can choose your friends to be your partner, otherwise, the system will pick a random player to join your club.

Once you play well and get enough experience in the normal mode, you can challenge the ranking mode. It’s good place to test your skills. Be careful, there are many advanced players there. You can earn stars in this mode. The more stars you earn, the higher ranking you will get. Owning more special powerful skills is the key to survival in this mode. You can unlock skills by using diamonds in the game. Diamonds can be obtained in the normal quests. You will get one diamond after you complete one normal quest. There are totally seven normal quests each week. So you can only get seven diamonds in a week. This is really not enough to unlock more skills. Another quick method to get diamonds is using BnB M hack. You can receive lots of diamonds with the help of this hacking service if you use it wisely.

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Survival mode is a very challenge mode. If you don’t have confident of your skills, you should not enter into this mode. There are totally 16 payers in this mode at first. Then at the end of the game, there will be one left in this mode. Turn around and attack your opponents is our favorite strategy using in this mode. Especially, when you are dealing with high level opponents, you can quickly slide down the screen and make a series of quick turns. Keep procrastinating like this, and your opponents will eventually leave you.

At last, we hope this guide will help you improve your skills fast in the game.