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Want to get rid of the simple and tedious task in RPG game, then you should try BLEACH Mobile 3D. It is an animation modified mobile game. You will experience a classics 3D retro Spirit Harvester story in the game. The game features many hidden tasks, original tone of the animation and top audio-visual feast. You will not feel boring when playing this game. You need to build your strong team to fight against the evil boss. The key to master the game is use different combinations of attacks and skills to defeat your enemies. Our BLEACH Mobile 3D cheats and tips will help you get through all the matters things in the game.

Make use of different view modes. The game supports three types of view mode. They are normal 3D mode, 3D+ mode and fast 3D mode. The main difference of these three view modes is the rotating speed of the viewing angle. Normal 3D mode is the default setting of the game. It positions the camera at a slightly higher angle to allow you to see more of your area. It has a fixed perspective and the angle moving speed is slow, so you may not seed something hidden in the corner. To find more details of the object, you need to switch to 3D+ mode. When you are fighting against enemies, we suggest you switch to fast 3D mode. In that mode, you will see your enemies’ movement clearly.

Is it worth to buy crystals? Many players have asked this question in the community platform. Well, in our opinions, it is not a good idea to buy crystals in the game, even you need big amount of them. Based on our research, there are enough legit ways to earn crystals in the game. If you do it well, you can get good amount of crystals in a short time. One of them is using BLEACH Mobile 3D hack. It is a crystal generator developed by the top players. It can help you harvest full crystal within a few minutes.

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Stay away from the red zone when dealing with the boss. Boss fight is a tough job for all players. Because the boss is very strong in this game. What’s more, there skills are uninterruptible. Once you are hit by their skills, you will lose almost whole HP. Fortunately, the system will give you alert when the boss will release their skills. Generally, there is a red zone appear in the battle field, which indicates the attack range of the boss’s skill. What you do is stay away from that zone, and wait for chance to strike back to the boss.

This is our whole guide for BLEACH Mobile 3D game. If you discover something new, you can share with us.