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Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy game which allows players to deploy cards into the battle arena. In this game, there will more than four players in the battlefield at the same time. You need to create your own unique card formation to defeat your opponents. Collecting more powerful cards plays a very important role to win this game. Each round you cards will be reset. So you can’t rely on the same formation in each battle. How to deploy a better formation than your opponents become more and more important in this chess game. With the help of our Auto Chess Mobile cheats and tips, you will figure out the best strategy for this game.

Do more research on your cards. There are more than 100 cards in this game. To learn them all is not impossible for most players. However, you should know the details of the frequently used cards. Based on our experience, some cards will ignore your hero’s defense and attack your hero directly. The good news is that you can get some badly destructive cards in the later stage. For example, you will have a card called ‘Break-Attack’ if you are lucky in level 40. It can help you break your opponent’s any attack. Once you get this card, we suggest you use it on the right condition. Such as when you are dealing with a heavy attack which you decrease your life point a lot.

Build a strong card formation. As mentioned before, each formation has its own power. When your card formation is better than your opponents’, there is good chance for you to take them down. More formation requires more cards. The only way to get a new card is using donuts to buy them in game store. Different cards require different amount of donuts. Generally, the more powerful the card is, the more donuts you need to spend to get it. The most convenient way to earn donuts so far is using Auto Chess Mobile hack. It is a modified cheat engine which is designed to help players generate enough resource in the game.

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Once you have enough donuts, don’t forget to improve the special ability of your card. Some special card skills can be dig out with donuts. For example, Your card heroes will learn ‘invisible attack’ skill once they are promoted into level 30 with donuts. What’s more, the more donuts you used on improve your card heroes, the more special skills you will discover.

That’s the whole guide of Auto Chess Mobile game. Yet, there are still many secrets waiting for you to dig out. Hope you share your thoughts with us.