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Attack on Titan Assault Cheats – Guides for more diamonds hack

If you love Attack on Titan animation, you should not miss this game – Attack on Titan Assault. This game is authorized by Kodansha and created by Gamesamba. You will experience a 3D multi battles in this game. You can collect your favorite and familiar characters to join your titan killer team. Some of the them (such as Eren Jeager and Miksa Ackermann) are famous to you. As usual, you can form alliances with friends and enjoy all the benefits of alliance members during titan killing. There is a lot to learn on the battlefield, and we hope to cover all bases in this Attack on Titan Assault cheats and tips.

Pick the right character as your formation leader. Team work plays very important role to kill the titan. You can control the whole 104 team. But first, you have to the select the right leader of this team. Based on our experience, Miksa Ackermann is the best choice to be 104 team’s leader. Once you find Miksa’s stats, you will be surprised by her physical data. Not only she own high speed, but also the attack strength is very very high. That’s why we choose her as the team leader. Of course, you can pick your favorite character to be a team leader.

When dealing with strong titan, you should use decoy and flanking strategy. This is how the strategy do:

First you should use one or two character as bait to keep attacking the titan while the rest of your team members are holding their positions. This usually forces the titan to attack the lure for advancing. When this happens, steer your other units aside and launch a flanking attack on the titan. This usually surprises the titan and causes more damage. This trick should best used in more difficult battles involving more titans.

Diamonds are the necessary items during improving your characters’ skill and weapons. Like other RPG game, you need to spend time and resource on upgrading your characters. This is the only way to keep your team winning. Getting more diamonds within a short time is not an easy job for every player, even the advanced players have the same feeling. So they turn to ask Attack on Titan Assault hack for help. Such hack tool will generate desired amount to diamonds to player’s account without being banned. As a result, it become very popular in the game community.

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Remember to activate the special heroic bonds. It’s a unique system which will enhance your whole team’s performance during the titan killing. To do that, you have to make sure your whole team are connected by each other, and the level of your team should not less than level 20. Once you meet the criteria, you can activate this system in the setting menu.

That’s all for Attack on Titan Assault guide so far. If you found other tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know via email.