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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Cheats – Earn Golden Turds guide Hack

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is new mobile game which is something like fallout shelter. In the game, you will control a Rogers army to fight against the aliens. Your goal is to build and train a strong Rogers army, make your families and friends safe in the alien’s attack. The battle between you and aliens will last long time. So, prepare to armed yourself well. Here, you need a good tutorial to help you train your Rogers, make them stronger and equip them with powerful weapons and skills. That’s why we share you the latest American Dad! Apocalypse Soon cheats and tips.

Understand the personality of your Rogers. Rogers are the only resource you can use to defeat the aliens. You may meet lots of types of Rogers in the game if you play enough time. We can assure that each Roger is different although they look the same. They have different skills, they use different weapons, even, they fight in different style. All Rogers have corresponding characteristics, including agility, charm, wisdom, luck, perception and strength. Before you train them or send them to fight, be sure to check their personality individually. Only choose the right Roger to a battle can make you win easily and quickly.

Train your rogers as early as you can. Once you got your roger in the game, you have to train them quickly. So that they can put to use as soon as possible. During the roger’s training, you need focus on the potential and class improvement. The higher potential point your roger has, the more powerful skills he/she can learn in the future. If you got a weak roger at the beginning, don’t give up soon. You can use Golden Turds to make it stronger. Using Golden Turds to feed your roger will make their potential point increasing immediately. The more you feed them, the more points they will earn in the end. (PS: the max point is 100). Class is another important attribute of roger. Different rogers’ class can equip different weapons and equipment. What’s more, you can use golden turbs to change your roger’s class anytime. As we have talk much about golden turbs, so how to get them fast and without spending money. The answer is American Dad! Apocalypse Soon hack. It will help you earn enough golden turbs in the game.

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Bring the dead roger back to live again if you favor it. Yes, you can bring one dead roger into live every battle. But you have to exchange it with 200 golden turds in total. What’s more, you can bring it again if it died again in the battle. Overall, this feature gives players a good chance to reuse their favorite roger again!

These would be the whole guide of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon game. We love to hear what you think of these tips and cheats. Give us feedback!