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Aion Legions of War Cheats – Easy tips for more gems hack

If you want to experience a brand new Revolution RPG game, you should try Aion Legions of War. This game combines quality graphics and massive battles with a real time technology. You will gather heroes to fight imminent evil, which is threatening the existence of the aion universe. The game also has automatic combat function that allows you to pass through most of the early battle. However, if you want to overcome the real challenge, you need help from our Aion Legions of War cheats and tips. Keep on reading, you will discover the secret of success in Aion Legions of War.

Make plans to choose your hero team. There are more than hundred heroes you can choose from to build your hero team. In order to build your strong team, you should spend time to do some research. Heroes are categorized according to which road they belong to in battle. Generally, melee fighters should be in front of your formation. Because they have more aggressive and defensive skills. Long-range combat heroes should be in the back position. They will back up your melee fighters at any time if you need.

Prioritize the top three heroes. When talking to upgrade, you should focus on the top three heroes first. Because you will never have enough resources to upgrade each hero completely. By using heroes in battles, your heroes gain experience. To balance your team, you should send each hero of your team to take part in the battle. It is a good way to flatten your heroes’ level. However, if you own enough XP potions, you should equip them to your favorite hero, by which you can keep your top hero have the highest level in your team.

Gems are the important currency in this game. You need gems to upgrade your heroes’ weapons and skills. Usually, you can get gems by completing daily tasks and finish special quests from your clients. If you need large amount of gems in a short time, you can buy them with real cash in game store. However, not every player can afford such price. So we share you Aion Legions of War hack as your second option. With its help, you can easily get large amount of gems instantly.

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Join more PVP battles. The PVP model pairs you with a random player whose level are unknown. By doing this, you will get more experiences on how to defeat your unknown enemy. It is good way to train your heroes and form your own fighting strategy.

That’s all our Aion Legions of War cheats tips. We hope you learn something useful to build your own ultimate legion.