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In AFK Arena, you can command heroes from different classes. You mission is to forge your heroes to fight against the evil army, save the Kingdom of Esperia. If you have play RPG game before, you should be familiar with their mechanism. In my opinion, AFK Arena is much like other RPG games. You have to summon your heroes, collect powerful weapons and train your heroes to reach the top battle field. You need to test your courage and tactical thinking in the real fighting. Though the game looks simple to master, there are many hidden elements you need to pay attention to. Our AFK Arena cheats and tips will focus on what you need to do in the battles to achieve more rewards.

Try to get six stars in the battle. There is a rating system in the game. After each battle, the system will give you rating based on your performance. This rating is measured by the star. The more stars you have, the higher rating you will get, and the more rewards you will earn at last. So how to get six tars in the battle? Basically, your goal is not to let any enemy troops disappear from the screen until the battle is over. That means you have to kill all the enemies in a battle. You will find a counter on top of your main screen. It shows you how many enemies you have killed in the battle. Once it reach its max number (each battle has its own max number), you will get six stars after winning the battle.

In order to kill all enemies in the battle, you have to make sure your heroes are up to dated. This means that your hero must have higher level, powerful skills and strong weapons. All these factors decides your rating in the game. You will need diamonds to enhance everything of your heroes. Though you can complete more tasks to earn little diamonds, that’s too slow for many players. Usually, they want something like AFK Arena hack to earn diamonds for their heroes. If you use it wisely, it may help you be the top player in the game. Just do not abuse it.

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Just remember to open the sacred relics after you complete stage one. Some players will miss this free gift because it is hidden in the map. You need to unlock it with your heroes’ mana. Once it is activated, you will enter into a new story line hidden in this game. There you will get many rewards as long as you stay alive.

This is the whole guide for AFK Arena game. If you want to share your tricks, don’t hesitate to contact us.